Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Desperate times call for creative measures

One thing I’m loving about this recession, (and there isn't a lot) is that it’s really bringing out the imagination in people. Sure, jobs are scarce and competition for them is ruthless, so making yourself stand out of the crowd has possibly never been more important.

Say hello to Peter Barlow. An unemployed, disillusioned accountant and my new favourite person of the week. (Never thought I’d see the day!)

With the help of a big white sign and his best business suit, this guy stood on London Bridge during rush hour every day for a week, asking city workers for a job .


For one thing, this proves that accountants have personalities. But, and lets be serious here for a second, it is also very courageous and inspiring.

He did as we jobless all do and applied for countless jobs (150 in total, or so says the Standard) through the regular, monotonous channels. When that proved fruitless, he took matters into his own number-crunching hands and advertised himself in a way that even M&C Saatchi would envy. He was successful too, going home with a pocket full of business cards and, here’s hoping, a renewed spirit.

It’s certainly given me food for thought. I mean, if this triggers an uprising against the damned covering letter, I’m there with bells on! Credit to you, Peter, and good luck.